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Those pesky pop-ups on our Guest Book

Okay, we've received a few complaints (not many thankfully) about the pop-up ads that occasionally surface on our I Did Japan Guest Book. Yes, they can be annoying. No, they are not to harmful. And, no, we can do little about them at the moment.

Bear in mind that Japan Brats strives to give you the maximum web surfing enjoyment with the least amount of aggravation. But we're also a non-profit endeavor. And as such we rely on a host of free services to enable us to bring you all of our special features, including the guest book. But there's a price we pay in exchange for this -- it's called advertising.

The service that hosts our I Did Japan guest book, server.com, places strategic ads on the pages in exchange for hosting us. While we'd love to do away with them, we really can't at this time without dipping into our own pockets. Plus, we're so deeply entrenched with our existing guestbook that it would take a major effort to replace it at this point. So please bear withus. Besides, it's really a small price to pay.

All you need to do is simply click those pop-up ads off. The other solution is to use either the free Google or Yahoo toolbars, both of which have pop-up blockers integrated into them. The Yahoo pop-up blocker is especially effective in blocking most if not all of them, plus it includes special anti-spyware. We recommend both. If you haven't installed them already, they're easy to download and install. They are available at http://toolbar.google.com/ or http://toolbar.yahoo.com/.

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