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Holiday Greetings in Photos from Japan

It's been a while since we actually posted photos on Site News, but the holiday season prompted us to include a select few from Misawa to Okinawa.

Pictured at right, Larisa Herrin and her children Leneah, 4, and Shaylee, 3, work on a snowman at Sasebo Naval Base after a rare winter snowfall. (Photo courtesy of Greg Tyler/Stars & Stripes)

As of this writing (8:30 a.m. MST Dec. 29 -- 12:30 a.m. Japan Time), it is a relatively mild 64F at Camp Zama, a balmy 80F at MCAS Futenma in Okinawa, and a brisk 26F at Misawa AB/NAF Misawa in the far northern reaches of Honshu where snow still blankets the ground from this past week's snowfalls.

Indeed, the holiday season is in full swing throughout the Land of the Rising Sun, evoking such greetings as Kurisumasu Omedetou (Merry Christmas) and Akemashite Omedetou (Happy New Year), the latter celebrated more traditionally.

So here are a few more snapshots to remind us all of our loved ones and compatriots in Japan and Okinawa:

Master Sgt. Tom Johnson, left, and Master Sgt. Ruth Hutchinson of the Yokota Air Base First Sergeants Council wrap Christmas gifts. (Photo courtesy of David Westover/U.S. Air Force)

Camp Zama Cub Scout Pack 34 delivered juices, baby items, canned food, 800 pounds of rice and 50 packs of diapers Dec. 10 to Akeikai nyujiin (orphanage) in Machida City. (Photo courtesy of David Rood/Torii Times)

Capt. Wayne Radloff, commander of NAF Misawa, pounds mochi (rice cakes) at the annual Mochitsuki festival Dec. 26 as part of a Japanese New Year's custom. (Photo courtesy of Staff Sgt. Vann Miller/Northern Light)

A combined choir sings "The First Noel" during the 2nd Annual Ecumenical Christmas Cantata at NAF Atsugi's Chapel of the Good Shepherd. The event was held Dec. 18. (Photo courtesy of Brian Naranjo/Atsugi Skywriter)

Seaman Brandon Robbins tees off while Seaman Kevin Lamons and Lance Cpl. Jennifer Kriss wait their turn with a group of Hama Junior High School pupils Dec. 9 on Hamahiga Island, Okinawa. (Photo courtesy of Seaman Travis J. Fowler)

Thanks to the Pacific Stars & Stripes, Atsugi Skywriter (NAF Atsugi), Torii Times (Camp Zama/Sagamihara), Yokota AB Public Affairs, Northern Lights (Misawa AB Public Affairs), and USMC Okinawa Public Affairs for their photo contributions.

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