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Decade of the '60s Rule!

Ah, the decade of the 1960s. It began with crewcuts and bouffant hairdos and ended with long hair and tie-dye jeans and t-shirts. From Elvis to the Beatles and psychedelic rock, the space race to Vietnam. JFK inspired us to do more and Nixon became president. From rock around the clock to 8-track tapes.

What a rush!

In reviewing our ongoing Japan Brats Poll (on the main page), it seems that those of us who lived in Japan in the '60s dominate by a long shot. Of course, many of us also bridge a couple of decades, like yours truly who was born there in 1956 at Tachi AB Hospital to be exact, spent two memorable stints in the Kanto Plains and ultimately left in 1970 in the Age of Aquarius!

At last check, 1,056 of you registered your decades. I'm assuming that most, if not all, of you are Japan Brats -- loosely military brats or dependents of military or civilian personnel assigned there. I'm certain a few of you are veterans or ex-patriates who once lived there as well.

Here's the breakdown to date:

34% 1960s
26% 1970s
21% 1950s
12% 1980s
3% 1990s
3% 2000s
1% 1940s

Frankly, I'm surprised that those of you from the '70s are a not-too-distant second. Didn't know that you even considered it so much of your youth that you'd even take the time to register. We're glad you did. The '50s isn't too far behind. I have some recall of that era, albeit limited because I was still very young.

But in whatever era you may have lived in Japan or Okinawa, they were awesome years indeed. It took years and years of adulthood before I really learned to appreciate and miss those days and all of the special memories and friends I hold dear.

I think it was fellow Japan Brat Mark Roberts or Don Opedal who pointed out to me some time ago that those parts of our youth become more memorable and meaningful as we get older. We hope that those of you who currently live in Japan or lived there within the past decade will embrace these years as very special ones. Because in time they will be. Trust me. You are very fortunate to experience what you are experiencing. And you will be leaving a lasting legacy.

Plus, we at Japan Brats, are relying on you to carry on our unique heritage and tradition well into the future. Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu! (Happy New Year!)

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