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Message postings...how it works

With nearly 50,000 hits since our launch two years ago, Japan Brats has received an overwhelming response from our visitors, both via emails and with our two message boards. Thank you all for your feedback.

The one question that frequently arises, however, is how soon the messages are posted on our two boards -- our I Did Japan Guest Book and the Japan Brats Yahoo Group message board.

Firstly, the two are independent of one another. I Did Japan is a public board for any visitor to post or reply to messages, while the Japan Brats Yahoo Group board is by membership (which is free). You are most welcome to join by using our easy sign-up widget on the Main Page.

In both cases, there may be a slight delay of between 5 minutes to 30 minutes on when the messages are actually posted for others to see. It's done automatically. Don't sweat it. If you followed our "destructions," your message is certain to appear in the order that they were posted and a brief teaser will be displayed on the Main Page. Have a little patience....it will be rewarded.

We encourage you all to post messages or share your thoughts, memories and suggestions on either forum. It adds to the fun and other visitors look forward to reading them. Generally, they also prompt responses. Who knows, you may hear from a long-lost classmate or tomodachi.

If for some reason you tried to post a message but it didn't appear, simply drop us a note using the Email Japan Brats link on any of our pages. We'll then try to post it in a timely manner. Thanks again!

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