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Hardy Barracks featured, photos uploaded

Do you ever wonder whatever became of old Hardy Barracks in downtown Tokyo? Check out the latest set of photos in our Spotlight photo feature on the Main Page to find out and see a few of the photos we've just uploaded to our Yahoo Group library.

The labyrinthine pre-war structure, a true Occupation-era original, has largely been torn down to make way for a new National Art Center, which is currently under construction and due to be completed in 2007. Over the years, countless soldiers were quartered in the old barracks in the Akasaka-Roppongi district that also served as the U.S. Army Garrison Japan's Tokyo Administration Annex. About five acres of the former garrison was closed in 1971 and annexed by adjacent University of Tokyo. Only a small portion now remains, perhaps because of its historic significance. Army MWR dubbed nearby Bldg. No.1 as "Hardy Barracks Lodging" as a tribute. Built in 1963, it stands next to the Stars & Stripes Building and serves as a transient billet.

We've uploaded 16 photos -- some of them never before seen -- related to Hardy Barracks to our Photo Collection No. 2. As a few of you are aware, this is our "expansion franchise" for overflow photos that we could no longer accommodate on the main Yahoo Group site. For more photos of other locations or topics, go to our main Yahoo Group site (membership required).

I'll be posting a more detailed story about Hardy Barracks and its history, including additional photos, for our Brats Essays page in the near future. So stay tuned!


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