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Itazuke AB photos featured

For those of you eagerly awaiting new photos, Japan Brats has just updated the photos in our Snapshots! photo feature box on the Main Page. For the next several days, we're featuring non-flightline photos of Itazuke Air Base.

A former Japanese Imperial Navy air base located in Fukuoka on the northwest corner of the island of Kyushu, Itazuke actually comprised three installations: Itazuke AB, Itazuke (Hakata) Administration Annex and Brady Air Base (Camp Brady). Itazuke was on the mainland while Brady and Hakata were both located on the pennisula that formed Shizuoka Harbor.

Part of the confusion with the names stem from the days when the annex and Brady AB were Army installations before the USAF took command in 1956. Itazuke AB closed in 1972. The flightline was kept as a Japanese Air Self Defense Force base. Much of Hakata/Brady was turned into an amusement park. There are other sections of the sprawling base that were left abandoned, including some portions of the old housing area where a few of the old family quarters are still standing.

A handful of the photos have been added to our Yahoo Group photo album. However, there are dozens of terrific photos available on John O'Brien's outstanding Itazuke Alumni Association website and the 610th ACW Squadron's MSN Group website.

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