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Chofu newsletter spotlights Japan Brats

Beware ZAHS Trojans, Yo-Hi Red Devils, Narimasu Dragons and others from the Kanto Plains. We're expecting an "invasion" by our kindred -- the Chofu Vikings! And we hasten to add a welcome invasion at that.

Japan Brats is featured in the current issue of The Vikings Chronicle, the official newsletter of the Chofu Alumni Association thanks to Stephanie Smith, who inquired recently about our site. Stephanie (Class of '75) is the president of the 120-member strong CAA, which represents alumni from Chofu High School (1964-76) as well as the elementary and junior high that were once located at the USAF's Kanto Mura Housing Annex near Tachikawa and Yokota air bases. Their official site is www.chofu.org.

The story has already elicited several responses among Vikings alumni, who have finally learned about Japan Brats and our doings here. And we welcome them to jump in this fray for better or worse.

The CAA newsletter also highlights Tim "Jazzbo" Stinson's outstanding and hilarious website, The Dragon's Roar, which is billed as a "funny, nostalgic e-zine about a group of 16 year-old bad boys growing up fast in Tokyo's neon lights. Though the headline reads "Two Cool New Web Sites for Japan Brats," The Dragon's Roar has been around awhile -- at least since 2000 that we are aware of -- while Japan Brats, at nearly a year old, could be considered "new".

Just a few more notes about the Chofu Alumni Association:

The CAA is among the more active among Japan-based alumni associations and boasts a lively message board. Japan Brats features prominently a summary link on our Alumni Forums page.

The CAA will host a gala reunion June 23 -26, 2005 at the Grosvenor Resort at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla. In March, more than 60 Vikings and spouses are slated to join a hundred more fellow alumni from the Yokota Panthers and Yamato Warriors for what promises to be the "reunion of all reunions" in Japan! The all-school, all-class affair will include tours of Yokota High School, other old haunts and a nostalgic visit to the area of the former Kanto Mura.

We welcome all of the Vikings to Japan Brats and expect a full report when you get back. Take plenty of photos please!

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